love tank

hope this can help some one....
love tank, you can us it as a safe words for you and your husband...Just note that every one see love different...My husband love to be touch..holding hand, hugs, kisses, setting next to him giving him food. so on thing that give him my full on a tension. will speak love to him..I am not the is for me doing thing help me out in the house or fixing thing..take me out some ware not that it has to cost a lot of when I or he said or love tank is low or empty we now what do to fix it...hope that help some one...or give an Idea.

Margaret hernandezWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
    8Theresa Gould
    I've heard of love tank before but I like how you and your husband choose to use it to help your relationship. Great ideas!
    Margaret hernandez
    thank you, it help us for 10yeas
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