Heck yes, i did.

When i was younger i babysat some boys that weren't circumcised. It was pretty weird, and from then on decided i would circumcise my boys. Im sure Bentley will thank me in the future.

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Amber Bradley
For sure, i honestly don't know why parents don't. I mean he will hate it when he is older and i for one am not attracted to it why would any other woman?
    Omgosh! When we made it family public that we planned on circumcision for Pie you would have thought we said when he was born we were going to hang him up by his toes to sleep! I had never seen one, but dad insisted and I wanted them to be the same as well. My mom was freaking out because we aren't Jewish, people were telling us he'd hate it. I'm like get over it, it's happening, why should it matter to you?! Who'd think it would cause so much controversy lol.
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