Daily vitamins for your kids??

Do you give your kids a daily multi vitamin?
I have but I read that it's not necessary and that they should get enough from their foods. I have a friend who gives vitamin drops to her son but he's low iron and is tired often.

    Amber Bradley
    We take a cod-liver oil pill each morning and every night but that is it. The artificial vitamins do more harm than good, with all of the colors and preservatives.
      My son takes Little Criters Vitamins from Costco. He seems to get less colds when he takes it every day. I don't think kids get enough vitamins from their foods. How many oranges a day should they eat to get their daily dose of vit C? Carrots to get vit A, and so on. Make sure you get vitamins without artificial flavors. I'm thinking to add kid's fish oil as well, he doesn't like to eat fish to get enough omega-3 fatty acids.
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        My kids get the Disney gummies, I tend to take them myself. They have no iron in them and I can't have any vitamins with iron.
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