Now I'm finally ready for bed

I got the little one's in bed already, just my oldest two are still up but they are heading for bed soon too. Got a lot done today, I got the kitchen reorganized and got most of the laundry done, I got it all washed I just need to fold some of the boys clothes. I told my oldest son that we need to go clothes shopping real soon, he hates going shopping with me but oh well he needs new clothes. I also took the van in to get the oil changed, I did that in between dropping my 5 year old son off at preschool and picking him and the rest of the kids up from school. Tomorrow will be just as busy, same routine every day pretty much.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    WoW! Busy mama! My son hates shopping too... but it seems like he gets taller every day I am always buying pants!
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