to date or not to date: that is the question

recently my 2 older girls got out of bad relationships and are already dating again, I did it too when I was their age, but now I'm older and realize I don't need a relationship. I'm perfectly happy raising my son on my own. Most guys I meet either just want sex or they aren't ready for anything. why risk getting hurt? I also don't want the drama, hassle or jealousy involved in a relationship. I also am not interested in the physical part either. people think I'm weird for feeling this way but I'm fine with being single. I wouldn't mind having a guy friend I can hang out with and talk to, but don't want anything more than that. feel free to give your input...

4JennHanover, Pennsylvania
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    I have tried talking to them but they are 19 and 21 and won't listen so I figure they need to learn from their mistakes just as I had. I even have people ask if I'm gay and I say no, I don't really prefer either gender at the moment and I don't want a physical relationship either. Just friends is fine with me. I moved around a lot growing up so I couldn't keep friends for very long and I had my children when i was young so I didn't have a social life afterward. Now I just like my personal space and from time to time would like someone to talk to or hang with so I don't go crazy. now to just find someone would be great. I like watching sports, going to car shows and stuff like that, so that's the kind of guy I wanna hang with.
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