How soon is too soon to get pregnant after giving birth?

I got a panicked phone call from a good highschool friend that I have stayed in contact with over the years. She just found out from her doctor that she is pregnant again, and she just had her baby 2 weeks ago.

Now I know every women is different and heals differently but I know sex was the last thing on my mind for the first month after giving birth both times with my babies. So 2 weeks I was thinking about telling her to get a second opinion but this was her 3rd test from her OBGYN so they are pretty sure she is pregnant again.

From what her doctor said that the biggest issue with getting pregnant early is that since her body has had very little opportunity to heal and could possibly lead to possible infections and even a miscarriage.

I hope for her sake everything turns out well.Now from what my doctor told me is that 6 weeks is the best time to wait before having sex. My mom told me to wait 2 years before having another baby so my body goes completely back to normal (I almost made it as my kids are a year my mom had anything to talk about as my sister and I are a year apart :P

I would love to get your input, how soon is too soon to get pregnant after giving birth?

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    Amanda Hurley
    I can comment a little. My oldest was three when we found out I was pregnant with Makenzie. My hubby and I had just gotten married. Makenzie was 3 months old when I found out I was pregnant with Grahm. Grahm was 6 months old when I found out I was pregnant with my current pregnancy. I would recommend waiting a little longer between pregnancies. This pregnancy has definately taken a toll on my body. I plan on waiting at least a year before I get pregnant again.
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        8Theresa Gould
        This seems a little soon even for me. But nurses told us a story of them catching a husband and wife being intimate in the hospital right after me that just seems unfathomable. We generally waited the 4-6 week recommendation.

        We haven't used contraceptives since our first child and the closest our children have been is 14.5 months apart. Nursing and miscarriages have spaced most of our children nearly two years apart, some a little longer.
          it gaved me chills when I was reading this wow ....what I know u can get pregnant as soon as u stopped bleeding or during but it depends on how comfortable u are with being sexual again. I hope ur friend is well and it was too soon to come out pregnant just tell her to be careful and to get some help with her new born if she needs it ...I know of a lady who came out pregnant as soon as she stopped bleeding but she had a hard time when her baby was born good luck
            I came put pregnant when my son was 9 Months but now thinking about it I should have waited cuz its not easy being pregnant and a first time mommy too
              I can't really imagine being intimate so soon after giving birth. of course,I have yet to give birth. lol. From what everyone tells me it hurts...ALOT and takes time to heal.
              I would say your friend should take it easy this time around. Not work and not do things that are stressful. :)
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