Blanket Time!

​My son is 5 months old and he has been using a blanket since about 2 months old. He loves them and that's the only way he can sleep. He has to be holding onto it, and he always keeps it close to him. I also let him use pillows. I know everyone freaks out about having stuff in the crib with them as they sleep, but he seems to do just fine. He moves if he needs to, so I know he will get air if his faces happens to get covered. His naps I let him cover himself up more and I keep a close eye on him. (like the picture) I guess I just don't freak out about it like other moms. I want him to feel safe and comfortable.

Blanket Time!
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    The picture is sooo cute!!!
    Brittney, welcome to
    I'm sure you do everything right - baby is not as helpless as we can imagine.
    My mom (she is a pediatr) says that the newborn has a very strong survival instincts - and it's very important to understand for new moms. You cant harm him with blanket if everything goes right with his development.
    Ant thank you much for sharing!
    Brittney, did you know that keeping calm is the best thing you can do for your baby?) Newborns have strong connection with mom and theirs behaviour and mood often depends on mom's mood - so it's really important to keep calm).
    Guess you know it - because your words are totally about this).
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