it's the NAME of the game

my daughter's name is Honesty Nevaeh Alyss. I chose Honesty because it fit my situation as a single mom. but i actually came across it when looking up flower names. Honesty is also called the money plant. and its a beautiful purple or white flower. Nevaeh is heaven spelled backwards and Alyss (like Alyssa w/o the a) is a good friend of mines middle name. i think her name flows together and having two middle names is unique.

    My bro has 2 middle names but I only have 1. Honesty is a cool name!
      8Theresa Gould
      I like it! Thanks for sharing the reason behind it. I didn't know Honesty was the name of a plant.
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      I'm a single mom taking care of my daughter Honesty. I love spending time with her. Just wish things were different and that I could give her the family she so deserves!