my daughter :)

Chloe Christene (: i picked that beacause while everyone else was out looking for unique names (nothing against unique names) i wanted something "Old" not old as in "wow you hear that name alot" but old as in a name that goes wayyyy back:) all if my children have names with that type of "style" as you may call it.

Nikki Hicks
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    Nikki Hicks
    thats a VERY pretty name.(: my husband picked her middle name out, he wanted christene as her 1st name, very pretty name, but as a first name everyone calls a Christene "Chrissy" i dont like that very much, so we moved it to the middle. lol all of my kids also have thier middle name start with the same letter as their first or last name:) my Sons are Michael Hemi Hicks & Myles Mayhem Hicks <--- their dad got a little crazy with their middle names. lol
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      I have a similar philosophy. I love all our children's names.
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