has anyone have this happen

Im kind of freaking out I found out I am 15 weeks and 3 days today so exciting and seeing the baby was so cool but I drank 1 time a weeks vodka five weeks before I found out I was pregnant worried the baby wont be ok what do you guys think?

    one time a week vodka with my friend for five weeks
      Oh if I had a dime for every pregnant woman's fear about how they drank before they know they were pregnant.. then I would be RICH...

      Here's the deal.. No.. there's no guarantee that there isn't damage.. The GOOD news is.. is that the tiny little loogy that's a baby all secure in your womb for the first 6 weeks is SO WELL PROTECTED from any harm that we can do to it before we find out, that it's highly unusual for the baby to be damaged in the first 6 -8 weeks...

      WHEN the baby really starts to develop organs and brain, and limbs and a nervous system is when it's the most fragile and when alcohol could have it's worst effect.. Do not drink anymore of course.. and I'm not sure how much you actually drank from your rant above, but if you had 1 or two drinks a night, I think you will be fine..

      Google fetal alcohol syndrome... And you will relax a little. My mom drank all through my pregnancy and I'm fine,.. so is my sister and ALL of my friend whose parentsd di the same thing I'm not saying that you CAN drink.. I'm saying that our bodies do an amazing job protecting that little one until we are aware and can make good choices..

      SO calm down... nothin you can do now... Congrats and it's going to be okay!!!
        I honestly have no advice.. I do not drink :(
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