Oops... I lost my S**t...

So, it's been a long day.. I'm tired.. my kids are ... edgy. I"M edgy... My daughter came home early sick and this was a really and day to have her home... But, I managed and I smiled and joked and made a great dinner and had great patience with homework... and then.. it happened...

Walking through picking up after them for the gabazillionth time... after they had don't their part and that tiny LEGO piece that hit that bone on the bottom of my foot that sent PAIN into my NERVES and SPINE.... and then... a slew of cuss words.. starting with a good healthy, "MO******ER F****R... " and ended with a "F***ing Legos need to GO!"...

I look up and saw my kids faces. lol.. it was so funny and it was SO BAD.. they both stopped and stared at me like I was a crazy person.. never hearing much of those words (i'm not perfect.. I slip)...but never hearing the rant... I thought they were in the other room still playing the Wii...


I quickly said.. "You didn't hear that... " and they laughed and my son said sarcastically.. "No mom.. all I heard was Bleep bleep, bleepedy bleep bleep.. BLEEEEPPPPPP"....


Moms Expertise
    Slip ups happen. They make clear legos too its like a dang trap lol
      Gotta love kids lol
        Amanda Hurley
        Lmbo. Im sorry but this just cheered up my night. And i thought you were a saint. Lol. Thanks for sharing. Just goes to show we are all human. Lol.
          oh no!
            Stepping on a lego stinks!
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