1st year was tough but we made it!!

Getting ready for the twins birthday party I'm so excited for them....and for me....I got the three of us through the first year ALIVE!!!! My husband helped to :-) ... there are days that are still really stressful I have to really push myself some days to take a shower and get out of my PJ's so just looking for some helpful tips from anyone else who is in the same place or has been there....Thanks!!

    Hi Christine :) nice to meet you!! I don't have twins but my girls are only about 11 months apart, so they should've been lol( it would've been easier on me). Congrats on making it threw the first year :). Babies are hard. Its OK to stay in your PJs some day ;) I do.
    Thanks! I always thought being able to stay home and raise my kids would be this beautiful amazing experience....then reality slapped me in the face....Don't get me wrong I love my kids with every fiber in my body....nothing warms my heart more than seeing their smiling faces every morning....but damn!! this is really hard....I went through so so much to get pregnant and did fairly well during the pregnancy until I hit 33 wks....I had an emergency c-section and the babies were in the NICU for 3 weeks and had a tough time with postpartum too...I did go back to work but was laid off in Oct 2013 so now here I am at home with my sweeties....sorry for rambling... :-)
    I've never worked but honestley think about it sometimes just to get away from my kids. I too love them more than anything in the world but being a mommy is defintely the hardest just ever and the most important. But if you start to feel overwelmed and just need someone to talk to I'm always here :)
      Congrats on your own milestone! Welcome to moms .com also!
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      Hi! My name is Christine and I am a first time mom to 1 yr old twins Michael and Isabella.