How often do Grand Moms help out with kids?

My parents don't really help out with them. They prefer my son over the other children, and I don't like that, as it is very obvious, and leads to hurt feelings for the other kids. I have spoken with them numerous times about it, but it hasn't stopped. My husband's mother would help if she was able, but we do see her about every Sunday afternoon and the kids all have a great relationship with her. My ex-husbands mother is deceased, but they still have contact with his family. I think that family is incredibly important, so I am very thankful to have my husbands's mom who is close to all of them. I wish my mother was different, but she's always been this way, so it is doubtful she will change. I want them to know her, but I limit their contact so no one gets hurt or feels less important.

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    7Kimberly Acord
    I love that idea! Back before my son was born, we had a period where we were closer,and we were looking at places in Ohio. We were going to get one that had the daughter-in-law houses like some of the Amish have. Then, unfortunately, things quit working so well between us. That is kind of how it has always worked with my parents. I'm glad your mom is awesome. to you. :)
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