Jesus loves the little children.

I was fixing dinner in the kitchen today, and Rosalea walked in with her arms in front of her like she was hugging someone. I asked what she was doing, and she says, "I'm hugging Jesus,Mommy. I love Jesus, and He says He loves me too!" Then she skipped off into the living room singing "I Will Bring My Worship" that she had learned in sunday school. I love my baby girl so much, and I can't say how glad I am that she knows Jesus loves her!

7Kimberly AcordGlen Fork, West Virginia
    Amber Bradley
    So sweet, I remember how proud I was the first time Brynlee memorized Jesus loves me!
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      7Kimberly Acord
      Rosie also loves Angel Armies by Chris Tomlin. Oh, and Do Everything by Stephen Curtis Chapman. She says thats mommy sweeping lost I love hearing her little voice singing...
        This is wonderful! How cute!
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