Okay super moms the little one is finally asleep!

So I tried a different method tonight, because we are on day three of transitioning to sleep in her own bed. It worked! She's sleeping like a baby, duh lol. Instead of me just putting her in the crib half sleep after being nursed, I decided to nurse her and after she falls asleep I put her in her bed, that way she wakes up to a new surrounding. Plus, I couldn't take her crying for the past two nights, it stressed me, I hate baby cries. Also, can you believe that I got this suggestion from someone who doesn't even have kids? Just goes to show you, you can learn from others who share different life experiences! I hope I helped some first time moms out there who are transitioning from co sleeping!

P.S. My family said she might be a Baby Ruckus, you know, a baby that can only sleep with noise around, haha!

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