Know The Signs Of Your Little ones...

By now I proudly can say I can read my 6 months old daughter pretty well. At that age they need about 3 naps throughout the day. I pay attention for the signs she gives me...latest after the 2nd yawn or rubbing her eyes continuously on my shoulder I know it's time. It's that accurate that I can even put her in her crib awake and she fell asleep by herself (most of the time). So far it works on her daytime naps...
At night it still varies. Either she fell asleep by herself in my/his arms while we have some family time or she fell asleep from her last feeding.
Either way..important is not too wait too long to put her down otherwise she get used to it.
That way I have her know on a night sleeping of at least 10-12 hours (with one feeding in between)

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    Reading you children are important at any age!
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