I pulled in the driveway after getting the kids off to school this morning, and Rosalea says, "Well come on, Mommy. Get your little angels out! I don't got all day to sit here and waste my day!" Please note I had just pulled in and had not even turned the motor off. So, we came inside, after I got her out so she didn't wast her day, and I asked if they wanted Cream of Wheat, or cereal for breakfast. Rosie, "Hmmmm, mommy, that's a hard one, cause my friends say that cream of wheat is my favorite, and they says that cereal is my favorite. I just don't know which favorite I should choose." Then she goes on to suggest that we break the tie by me making brownies and having them for breakfast. I say no....she says, "Oh, Mommy, you just broked your little girls heart." What am I going to do with her? LOL What are some cute/funny things your babies say, or have said?

7Kimberly AcordGlen Fork, West Virginia
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    7Kimberly Acord
    She is hysterical....I have told my husband I was going to write a book and call it Rosieisms. She is a She told him last night, " Get up, my Father, and get your little girl a drink."
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