And THAT's WHY I check them before the exit the bath or shower...

My kids bathe themselves for the most part... I still help my daughter who is 7 with her hair and feet and I make sure she's got all the spots and I rinse her hair to make sure it's rinsed clean..

My son is 9 1/2 and wants NO help.. and it's been hard for me to just walk away and know that it may not be done perfectly, but ... let it go..

Until this morning, it was sprinkling here.. and I noticed his hair was bubbling... I had noticed last night that his hair was a little crispier and gooey but I let it go.. and then this morning it was clear that the soap was ALL Still in there.. lol..

I could have washed his hair with the rain this morning that's how much it was still soapy... But we were already at school... so I took a water bottle and rinsed the best I could in the parking lot and we laughed.. thank GOD he has a good sense of humor and was able to laugh about it all...

    Haha kids are so funny.
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