What are the risks associated with having a baby at 37?

I know my doctor put me in the "advanced maternal age" group when I hit 34. I have had three babies over the age of 35. No issues. Just low iron in my last one, that's it.

I know there's an increased risk of miscarriage.

Increased risk of Down Syndrome.

Increased risk of gestational diabetes or high blood pressure.

Increased chance of multiples.

They say it may be harder to get pregnant. (not been an issue for me)

There was a recent article published this month, not sure how big the study was but it was favorable for moms over 35:


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    all 3 of mine were born of advanced maternal age. I remember my doctor telling me with my first, that yes, the chances were higher that we would have a child with Down Syndrome but he said looking at pure numbers, young women have more of the children with Down Syndrome. I know it is purely a numbers game, percentages - there are just more young women having kids so of course more of kids with Down Syndrome come from them, but it made me feel better. None of my kids had DS but my oldest has autism. All the crappy research tries to blame that on age or weight of the mother or father, but I was older and heavier with the last two and they are OK. It is really from the toxic load I was carrying around and didn't even know about.
      I had my first at 29, second at 32 and the third at 37. I choose to not have any extra testing done, because no matter what I'd have and love my baby. I did pay close attention to the ultrasounds though, and since they always looked good, I wasn't too concerned. My OB said everything looked good for me, even though I am insulin dependent diabetic. I got lucky with all my pregnancies, they were all great as long as I controlled my blood sugar. Oh well, I did have very high blood pressure this last time, so I was on meds for that, but take them not pregnant anyway.
        I delivered my twins when I was 36 I too was in the "advanced maternal age" category...the risk of downs is no longer just an over 35 issue it can impact younger mothers too so the test is now done for all moms at 12 weeks. As I discovered women over 35 have a greater chance of multiple births and in some a greater risk of PreEclampsya (not sure if I spelled correct).
          I have been experiencing a lot of pressure from my doctors because I am 37, and everything so far has been great with my pregnancy. I have let them do blood tests, which I have passed with flying colors, and everything else always looks great when I go in too, so I told them that I refuse to have any chemical injected into my baby to take any tests, since as of now, he is as healthy as can be and until they show me proof that I actually need these tests, I will not take the risk and harm my son.
            Ashley Green
            My mom gave birth to twins at 42 years old. She was fine and so were they!
              7Malena Hall
              I was 37 wth Jericho and 41 wuth Demetri. Demetri has bicuspid aortic valve and coartation of the aorta. His cardio;ogist says my age was not a likely factor. Both had some speech delays (pronuciation) Jericho still does. However my now 27 year old and 24 year old alo had speech delays, so I don't think age factored into that either.
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