What is your bedtime routine?

Right now my little one is teething so her routine is okay, but I know it will get better. I have been bathing her every night followed with nursing and soft singing. Do you ladies bathe your little one every night? What is your bedtime routine?

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    I have three, so on school nights it's bath, TV time and bed. I feed the baby while they are in the tub, and get him in his crib while they are getting out then I can spent time with them before they go to bed. I bathe the baby in the morning just because it's easier, I have more time then. But I'm hoping as my girls get a bit older, they can do the whole bathtime routine on their own so I ca give the baby a bath in the evenings also. I let them skinpevery other night if it's not a school night.
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      dinner, some play time while Ash and I clean up the kitchen and a few toys, baths (every other night unless they are especially dirty.) wind down time; we either read or watch a quiet movie, Next we read a little story from their bibles. Then i sing "swing low sweet chariot" and Ashton sings "jesus loves me" and we both sing "twinkle twinkle little star" followed by a night time prayer in Brynlees room to both babies and she goes to bed. Generally after that Ashton picks up whatever needs picked up and i feed Bentley. Then nighty night :)
        Baths are every other night usually right before babies have their dinner, then we do play time...I have a play room set up with ample space on the floor so my husband and I both can be eye level with the babies. We play usually for about an hour each night as a family then we do night time bottles and babies are usually asleep by 9:15 each night.
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