"Breadwinning" moms

This is a really interesting research study. I was particularly fascinated by the distinction between women who actually chose to be the breadwinners vs. those that were forced to do so because, for example, their husbands lost their jobs. I never think of myself as THE breadwinner, even though I now make more than my husband since I made partner. But I am A breadwinner, and so is her? Are any of you moms the breadwinner?


    I too stay at home now, so my hubby makes more than I. however, if I were to go back to work full time I would probably make more than him eventually. But what stress to be the breadwinner! LOL!
      I actually love my job and don't work only for the money. (Although that certainly helps a lot; I don't love it enough to do it for free!) But my husband also works full time, so I really don't ever consider myself to be the bread winner - I just think of it as both of us contributing to the family. For me personally, I wouldn't choose to be a SAHM even if money were no object - I just don't enjoy the housework aspect of that responsibility, and now that my kids are all in school, the housework becomes a bigger part of the overall "job description." But if I could swing my career and do it on a reduced schedule (say 3.5 days per week), that would be ideal over the next few years while kids are small...
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