Walk as soon as YOU feel better!!

I waited until I feel I am capable of taking the walk. Our LO can go anytime, but important is that you have recovered to a certain point. Because every one of us ladies heal differently. If you feel fine, anytime is fine and start slowly..( I mean we and our bodies just did the toughest job of the universe!!)
I took my lil cutie out when she was 3 wks. Had to wait to let all the busy traffic of the visitor's goes by to avoid discussions...
Since in our culture is a saying...
- After delivery you HAVE to stay home and in bed!! (REALLY?!!? It's just one of those sayings..to make it topic relevant)
Like I said...to avoid arguments..(you really don't want that at that time) you simply nod and smile... and then Do It anyways! ;)

The result- She loves it from day one. And it also makes her get used to noises, shaking and surrounding. So she isn't frightened when you introduce it too late. AND...she has always a great nap while or after the stroll!! :)

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