Winter Baby!

So ladies.. remember when I asked what WINTER BABY items I might need or you might suggest for me? I know we want a cover of sorts to put over the car seat or stroller... Ohio Winters can be wicked.. and I have heard that they are much handier than stuffing them in a snow suit.. getting all hot and bothered.. at least to me anyways.

Anywho.. I got to looking and browsing and think I found something I love.. the Le sac igloo by 7 AM Enfant! It looks perfect for the purpose I want it to serve and actually so much more... has the 5 point​ harness openings.. cozy, can work in a car seat or stroller.. and also can become just a blanket.. or something to slip them in when coming in and out of the cold.. I think I love it... haha

Let me know your thoughts!

Moms Expertise
    8Theresa Gould
    I think it's a neat product. I've never heard of safety concerns with products like this but can see Mandi's point.

    The problem with blankets draped over car seats and strollers is heavy winds can blow the blanket off baby. A canopy can help with that depending on its size and coverage over where baby sits.
      Amanda Hurley
      I will do my research in a day or two and see if I can find the cover that I used. Mandi is right, you don't want to "add" anything to the carseat.
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