Living on a Semi Truck - My Experience

I love being able to share personal experiences and things that people may not have known about me. I have been homeless, it was actually my husband, our then 1 year old son and myself. We were not technically without a home, and I say technically because we did have a roof over our head in the form of a sleeper cab in my husbands semi-tractor trailer.

While being homeless is not an ideal choice for everyone and it is NOT something I would recommend for families with young children but it was the best thing that could have happened for us.

We moved into my husbands uncles old home, and it was owned by my father-in-law. My husband had a good job, and he was bringing in really good money. Then one day we had devastating news my husband and another man was laid off. he was able to go in 1-2 times a week, but that gave us a huge hit in pay, and I was not making enough at the time to really keep us afloat. Our car was repo'd, and we had a hard time paying my father-in-law the house payment.

So he told us he had to kick us out (this is an entirely different story and one that to this day still pisses me off). So while he gave us the option of moving in with them, that was out of the question. So my husband decided he should go back into truck driving. This was a difficult decision because we did not want to break up our family and not know when he would be home and how long he would be home.

So we did our homework to find a company that would let him take us with him. We found a company that would, but he needed over-the-road driving experience for 4 months at least. So we were allowed to stay in the home for those 4 months and it was so hard only seeing my hubby for two days a month. I did not have skype but I would send him webcam videos of our little guy and pictures every chance I got.

When the time came to go over the road we packed up our house and put what we could in storage and we were out on the open road. We made the semi we had as much like home as we could have. My husband used PVC piping and netting and made a make shift crib on the top bunk. That is not where our ingenuity ended with duct tape and indoor/outdoor carpet we could walk around without hurting our feet, it was easy to clean, and we had a place for our little guy to play toys while we were on the road.

We had a set schedule we tried to find a truck stop by 5, dinner by 6:30, shower by 7 and bed by 8. This was our life until my son was 2 years old and as sad as it was we met with other families in the same situation. I remember one trucker who had his wife and there 4 kids in the truck with them.

Were we sad that we lost our home...yes. The silver lining in it all is we were able to see most the United States and meet amazing individuals and families, our son learned to walk on the truck, it showed how strong a bond we had since we had to be with each other 24/7 in close quarters and to top it all off it brought even closer as a couple.

    8Theresa Gould
    Wow, Celeste, that's an incredible story. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like you all came through it stronger.
      Amanda Hurley
      Wow. What a story to tell your little one when he gets older.
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