The new "normal" family... Tell me yours...

The more people I meet, I realize that the traditional family (mom, dad, kids together) is few and far between. There are step kids, half siblings, step parents, etc..

For example: my kids birthday parties consist of this.. Me and my two kids, my kids dad and his new wife and then my kids HALF brother and his mom (my ex had a baby with her before I met him but was never married) and then SHE has two kids and is remarried...

it's our normal.. and I don't think twice about it and when I break it down for someone they always seem confused.. also confused that we are all in the same place together and getting alone and laughing and our kids are all playing.. Will be interesting when/if my kids dad has more kids with his new wife.. lol..

But this is how it is for a lot of families.. what's yours?

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