Valentines from and for your loved one? What do you expect?

I'm not a big valentines person, but that doesn't mean if my guy didn't come tell me that he made special reservations and wanted to take me out that I would be annoyed.. lol..

I just don't expect much.. I like a card and flowers or candy or something sweet.. I don't need a night out or special dinner..

The BEST V day gift ever was last year, when my boyfriend texted me the morning of valentines day and said to look behind the tree in front of my car...

Now... I live in the valley and he lives by the beach.. about 30 minute drive in LA without traffic .. I lived then in a gated apartment, so he couldn't get to my door.. and I have a gum addiction.. and I've known him for 19 years and he knows this and my favorite gum is juicy fruit..

When I took my kids out to the car for school, I looked in the tree next to it and there was a tiny little grocery store plastic bag.. and a big pack of juicy fruit with one of those cheesy old school grade school valentines cards..

It wasn't a gift, but the fact that he drove it out the night before, stuck it there, with my favorite gum and a stupid cute card was really what made the difference.. and we actually weren't boyfriend gf at that point, just sort of had come together after being friends for so long and both single and started seeing each other in a different light.. I don't need much... it was the thought.. truly...

    My honey lost a friend on v-day, so we generally don't do anything for it. He also works in the oil field and unfortunately always gone for most holidays. He left tuesday. Well wednesday I went to get ready to leave the house and someone came to the door, needless to say I got a beautiful arrangement of flowers that made me cry! The fact that he never really does anything for this holiday and these showed up made me cry! He's such a sweetheart.
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