When should you see your gyno?

I have been bleeding for 9 days now. It had tapered off around day 7 as if my period was going to stop, but it has not. I am still bleeding lightly and it is bright red blood not brown blood like you might normally see at the end of your cycle. I am 44 years old so it could early menopausal symptoms. This is very weird.

    I'm 42 and just in the last year my period has changed totally... 9 days is long.. but I've gone 5 HEAVY days.. with no break and then slowed and then back for 4 more days.. and then the next month. a very light one..

    If you feel light headed or are passing clots and going through a heavy tampon and pad every hour, then call or go to your OB.. maybe fibroids or something like that.. but if you don't have anything unusual other than the bleeding, it's just your body changing.. My OB said it's NOT pre menopause.. its' just changing.. but again.. any weird signs... then call.. can't hurt to call..
      Thanks ladies. I'll call tomorrow - everything is closed right now due to the snow.
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