Busy fun times.

Things have been a little crazy (albeit exciting) on my end this past little while. I can really feel the cross-country move becoming closer and more real, along with hubs switching jobs.

Between house hunting, packing, trying to take care of all the last minute appointments like optometry and oil changes, trying to get a fuel pump replaced, working, a friend flying in in a couple weeks, plus Valentine's Day, brother-in-laws birthday, work, I've just been a busy, busy bee.

Plus today's my birthday! :)

It's been one heck of a week and this one should be nice and busy too. Getting excited for all the possibilities of the move. :D

I think hub's and I might just lay low this Valentine's Day and enjoy the peace and quiet of home.

What about you guys? What's happening in your life? Got any V-day plans?

    Happy Birthday!
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        Amanda Hurley
        happy birthday. We have been busy running to and from the hospital. Im spending vday with my little mr at the hospital.
          8Theresa Gould
          Happy belated birthday and happy house hunting!
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