Autism Evaluation.

today my daughter went to a "Develpmental clinc, it was brought up to me by her occupational therepist by her saying shes showed some signs that had her concerned, so today was the day, after all was done, they brought me into to disscuss their desison which was that she may have Autism, they added telling me athough my daughter "showed no signifcant autistic behaviors at this time" they still wanna check beacause her therepist had concerns they want to follow up with this evaluation. honestly this completely caught me off gaurd, but im very happy to do what needs to be done to help my baby girl, on this journey we call life.(: at the same time im not understanding what autism is or how this evaluation is to be done, i mean i got a rough draft ( so to speak) but not comfy with, not fully understanding this, i understand their doctors but id like to have a voice and understanding in this, there concerns are listed as "Cognitive, Speech, and motor delays.

Nikki Hicks
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    Nikki Hicks
    next month she will be getting checked for autism, the clinic today was just to make sure all she had was a speech problem and nothing behind it, and well they think theres something behind it, she will have 2 diffrent days with this autism specialist and by the 2nd day, we will kno wether or not she needs more testing or if she isnt autstic, the sad part is i came to these now therepist as a 2nd oppion, her first therepist (a diffrent clinc) said she didnt have autism and she just had a delay, i didnt like how that clinic was so i turned to this one, shes been there for about 6 months bein seen by them weekly.
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