Baby Talk...Goo Goo GaaAAAA!!

I hate when people talk in that annoying baby talk. How do you feel about it? I am a mother who believes it will ruin my child's speech learning​ ability. I do think that it will mess up how he thinks words sound. I am not the only one right? My sons father, his mother does this all the time...should I tell her to stop? I think I will hurt her feelings, but I am his mother, its my choice right? I want my son to learn the correct way, that's not bad I don't think, right? I have never used baby talk toward my son, nor do I plan to. I talk to him as a human being, he's learning from listening to us speak, so y would we teach him baby talk? its not correct.

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    Brittney, how do you handle with it?)) You are really strong person)) It's hard not to geegle when seen a baby, so I can understand your father and his mom)
    Just kidding) I dont think it can harm speaking skills of your baby - we all were grown by parents who geegled with us (I definitly was), and as I know first speaking skills don't depends on your talk to baby. It more depends on motility skills and the whole developmental level.
    Other side is that you think of your son as a person - and you are totally right with it.
    For me it's hard to use baby talk with my nephew while he is looking at me like he understands everything...
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        8Theresa Gould
        I agree with you. We definitely saw a difference in the speech of our older children compared to our younger children. With our older children we spoke to them with regular words etc. but my husband and older children slipped up with the younger children and would speak some baby talk, they struggle with some of their sounds at 5 and 7. It's not that they cannot say the sounds they just have the bad habit of saying sounds incorrectly. I think the baby talk played a part in it, since we didn't have any issues with the older ones.
        Brittney, you'll soon be happy when he'll keep silence)). Dont worry much - he will start talking, and you'll cant stop him (I know it because of my nephew))
        8Theresa Gould
        It's true once they start they don't stop! lol!
          Amanda Hurley
          I can understand your frustration. I have had to say things to a friend of mine who used baby talk with my middle child. Her speech was delayed and we were having issues. I still struggle with people letting her use "baby" talk at 2. I make her say the words the right way. I would just tell them that you would like them to use language to help the child, not the gibberish.
            I'm not fond of baby talk either. I also am not the world's greatest at handling social situations, so take this advice with a grain of salt. I would politely ask her to cease the baby talk with an explanation, explaining that you aren't trying to hurt her feelings, just do the best for your child. I would also probably come with research in hand in case she tried the "Well I did it with all my kids and they turned out just fine!" card. That is not a valid excuse, imho.
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