Your child play an instrument?

My son took violin lessons last year. I told him he had to stick with it for a year then he could switch but after 6 months he told me he didn't like it.
When I asked him why, he said the music made him sad.
I thought that was a great answer so I let him switch to guitar.
My daughter wants to play the drums. Whoo boy. Lol
The lessons are so expensive so we are breaking now
Anyone's child play an instrument?

    12Kate Paulson
    My husband is teaching Camdyn guitar, hes picking it up so well!
      7Kimberly Acord
      Two of my daughters play the flute. Rikki, my 17 year old, has been playing since fifth grade. She is first chair this year. I love listening to her play. Brianna, my 11 year old, started playing the flute this year. I love that they can play, because I have never learned to play any instrument. My husband plays the guitar, and Rosalea is really interested in it, so who knows what she will pick up.
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