We now have close to 16 inches of snow here. I sent the kids out to play ...all except poor little Jaiden. I was afraid she'd get lost in it. Rosalea was so excited, she was jumping up and down, and yelling best day ever!!! I got her all layered up and chapsticked her little mouth, and she ran to the kitchen to show daddy how pretty she was. Then she pets her belly and says, "see how fat I am, daddy?" She's too cute.. She was so happy. According to her, it was the best day ever. She built snowmen, threw snowballs, and had a blast. I had to coax her inside with promises of a hot bath and some hot cocoa. Hot chocolate with a peppermint stick hopefully finished a day of memories she will have forever.

7Kimberly AcordGlen Fork, West Virginia
    wow , thats alot of snow , our 10 inches all melted as of yesterday
      That's so crazy to me. We are in Los Angeles and my kids just came in from playing in shorts and tshirt and flip flops complaining how hot they are.
      It's ridiculous. It's 76 right now.
      NOT complaining... Well maybe a little. Lol. We haven't had any wintertime days. One day of rain. That's it.
      I know. Sounds dreamy to east coast folks.
      7Kimberly Acord
      This is the most snow this county has had all winter. Where I lived before it was kind of standard to have this much during the winter. LOL My husband called it the Antarctica of West Virginia. I miss it, as crazy as it sounds. Of course, during the Artic blast a week or so ago, I would definitely have traded it for some 76 degree weather.
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