Finally realized that nighttime is a bust.

Every day I have this fantasy that ill put the kids to bed, glass of wine, and sit on my couch and get some work done.
Sounds dreamy and relaxing right??
But when I out kids to bed I gotta say the LAST thing I want to do is work or anything really. I want to sit and disconnect from stress and day and errands and totally check out and chill.
Anyone else feel that way or are u night time people? What makes you work or motivate at night??

    Lol. That's funny you make yourself uncomfortable. Lol.

    If I have a deadline it's done. It's the self writing that I just stare at the computer. I used to be a night owl. Pre kids but being up at 5:30 and not sitting down really until 8.. I'm pooped

    I give up. I just feel guilty if I don't work at night so I'm just going to be done at then end of the day and make it me time.

    Hahahah. That's funny. Thinking no guilt will be had. Hahaha
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