:.( 3 days and I leave the love of my life behind

I realized in a matter of today that in 3 days I am leaving the man that I wanted forever with... Yes I know its good but still just the thought of him not there breaks my heart even more each day... one minute I am engaged the next he wants nothing to do with me </3
the hardest part is knowing my child will not have there father like I had hoped I believed and gave everything to someone who made me believe they were different when he was the same...

    huggs , i hear ya and know how it is , probly for the best
      Amanda Hurley
      hugs honey. You never know whats waiting for you. I was heartbroken to find out Jasmines dad had schizophrenia. I wanted her to have a dad. I never had one. I am so thankful now. When my husband and i got married, he took her in and is a better father to her than her dad ever would have been. Its tough, but im sure there will come a day when someone will take the two of you in.
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