Need some room to breathe!

Ugh so it been a little while since I have logged in here and lots has gone on... my fiances car broke down so he takes mine to work. Where does that leave me and my two lovely girls.... stuck at home whether it be a snow storm keeping us inside or -freeze your limbs off temp I am losing my sanity! I need some fresh air and sunshine I need to get out and speak to a human being over the age of 2 lol. Its been 2 weeks since I have been able to go to the grocery store because by the time my fiancé gets home I am too exhausted to go out. However silver lining my fiancé said he is gonna to try to leave work a couple hours early so we can go grocery shopping and get me out of the house for even a half hour. That's the perfect valentines for me right now. I love being away from population but I feel like I am stuck in a giant snow globe with 2 children with cabin fever.

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      8Theresa Gould
      Ariella, I bet you are enjoying summer now that it's here!
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