It's okay to HATE it sometimes...

Look... I love my kids more than anything ... I'd DO anything for them and wouldn't change a thing... however.. there are nights around 6 is... where I just think.. F*** ... It's too much sometimes.... just when I pick up from the day and lunches from school, I'm cooking dinner, then doing THOSE dishes then bath and then picking up AGAIN and then they have snacks and read books and BLAHHALDFUHOFUSGOU!!!!

I feel like some nights I hate it... I don't hate THEM... I hate the work and the up and down and neediness and constant dishes, clothes on the floor, toys.. and my kids are great but it still never stops...

I think moms are so afraid to admit that but for real..

    I know how you feel! It would be so nice to have a day off from everything sometimes. Make sure that you do something special for yourself each day too!
      12Kate Paulson
      Honestly. I have never felt this way, no judgment to you but even through the ups and the downs I praise God for the mercy he has showered over me and how lucky I am for these beautiful 12 babies.
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