getting pregnant

anybody have any tips to help get pregnant?

8kellyBerea, Kentucky
    iwas using the first response ovulation kit. it got 7 ovulation test and one pregnancy tes i used one when i first got it just to see how it work and i wasnt fetile yet but its the 14th day i started ovulation the 12th and my fetile days are yesterday today tomorrow and sunday. and i took one before i had intercourse earlier and i was fertile so hopefully 24 to 36 hours i hit it. cause im trying to preggo again to. but thats best
      thanks lol :)
        Thank you, I'll check it out!!!!
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        hi! i am 31 years old, 32 in may. i am divorced after 9 1/2 years of marriage. i am a mother to 4 girls, ages 13, 10, 7, and 15 mos, and a little boy age 5. i have the best boyfriend ever, he has 5 children, ages 14, 13, 13, 12, and 8. http://www.gofundme