Mamas.. I would love to know.. as I know it is important for a baby.. are you big into routines.. of EVERY sort.. cleaning, eating, bedtime, habits, hobbies.. or are you a more go with the flow type of Mama?

No answer is a bad one! I just love learning about others!​

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      Amanda Hurley
      I am a go with the flow mama. The only schedule I try to keep is getting my kids in bed by 9. Other than that, we take the day as it comes. I am in and out all the time. When I have my own vehicle, its even worst. So, we just go with it. It works for us. I was like that with breastfeeding too. I know people who time it like clockwork, not me. If the baby is hungry, then I feed em.
        8Theresa Gould
        I was very routine and scheduled with my first too much so, even with feedings, but it was not good for my milk supply or my baby's weight gain. With my next child, I was routine in all things related to daily activities but as far as feeding goes I was slowly becoming a feeding on demand breastfeeding mam. I had to establish a happy medium between the two because nursing became one of the most important things to me because I wanted to insure baby got enough to eat. Even though naptimes were routine, they were not so scheduled because my babies would nap at the breast. I loved to sit and rock my sleeping baby so my last three napped like this a lot. I saw how fast the older ones had grown up. You know that saying where babies are only babies once is so true, and I miss it (to a point) since those days are gone.
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