Hospital Odds & Ends!

I recently sent a long list of baby items to my best friend and a cousin.. they were so sweet, encouraging me, and also sending a small list back of things I hadn't really thought of... like...

...a baby book for the hospital! To add their little foot prints!

Aha! Things like that threw me.. what else will I need in the moment?

All input welcome! :)​

    Amanda Hurley
    Make sure to have a complete list of EVERYONE who wants to know when the bundle arrives, and who wants midnight phone calls. It helps you keep track of who you have called and who you need too. Plus, you are not digging for phone numbers in the phone when you want to spent time with the little bundle.
      8Theresa Gould
      That's awesome your friend and cousin thought of the baby book for the hospital for foot prints. I've got spoiled by our midwife, who has done it automatically for the last three babies, on a little imitation birth certificate so I wouldn't even have thought of doing this.
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