So I have good news... I was able to make the SWITCH to a closer doctor, that will be able to deliver at the hospital literally like a mile away! I had been going to a lovely doc, but across the city.. and until I became pregnant, I didn't realize the value of proximity! So I put my feelers out... did some research.. called.. fax paper work... and wa la! Accepted, even at 23 weeks! This is a much bigger practice.. but I have heard such amazing things about them.. I meet next week for a meeting and introduction, then my first appt. with my new doc on Halloween :) hehe

I am SO excited to have this worry off my mind.. especially as the weather gets crappy.. I hate driving in heavy city traffic.. and my appts. become closer and closer...

Tell me ladies.. did you ever make a mid doctor switch? What was important to you in your doctor or practice that you went to? What about hospital.. ? I am blessed that the hospital can be a HUGE option, as Columbus has about 6 top hospitals across the city :)​

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      Amanda Hurley
      I have to make a mid doctor switch, but to somewhere farther. Because of the baby's heart problems, we have to switch doctors after my 32 week marks. It is scary.
        8Theresa Gould
        Happy for you!

        I did sort of but it was after a miscarriage and we started to look for a midwife. I actually got refused by one midwife. Not sure if it was my history or the fact I didn't listen to her advice and increase my greens intake, but it led me to my current midwife so it worked out.

        We've never made a hospital switch, as we didn't need to.
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