My School's "Fundraiser" is Highway Robbery!

Our Halloween Carnival is the biggest fundraiser of the year. I get it. They go all out and it's awesome and the kids love it. The past years, it's been expensive but not ridiculously so...

THIS year.. the prices are OBSCENE... Starting at $69 wristband to include certain things but not everything and it goes up..

$89 - includes more

$129 - includes everything

NONE of these include food.

I'm PISSED!!!!! Are you kidding me??? Disney Land is less expensive.. I'm usually very chill with things like this, not afraid to tell my kids we can't do something, but this is ridiculous.. I've written an email.. and friends have rallied and we are ready to boycott and as I'm hearing more and more parents feel the same... NO ONE IS RICH here... Everyone I know is scrambling for rent or mortgage and this is PER CHILD and ADULT...

I'm not wrong am I??? These are ridiculous prices yes???​

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      LOL.. We had that STUPID wrapping paper crap fundraiser too.. And I ONLY buy some so my kids aren't the only ones NOT Rewarded...

      I get it.. BUT SCREW THAT... I just sent an email.. I had to tone it down.. but the prices need to come down A LOT or I will boycott and I have a lot of friends and I will get a parking lot music party glow stick thing to go down for the kids if I have too...
        Amanda Hurley
        That is insanity. Those prices are absolutely ridiculous. I don't usually participate in fund raisers anyway. The prices are just getting outrageous.
          Now I have become this mom with a petition.. lol.. I'm being very nice but NO ONE is happy... there are options for $20 ticket packs.. great accept you know they last for two rides each...
          I'm on it.. this sucker is going down.. I feel like fine, my kids can deal .. give them a glow stick and a chocolate and it's xmas... but I feel I need to rally for my friends that aren't .. well.. rallyiers... lol
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