Hello fellow mothers....I have 1yr old twins (Michael and Isabella) I am a stay at home mom....for the past few months I've been feeling off...I feel like I'm having too many days of sitting around in my pajamas I look awful and feel awful...not quite sure if it's related to postpartum (which I was treated for for several months and felt better when I went back to work for a short period of time July - October) I really thought I was doing good and then when I got to stay home with the twins it just felt like I took a step backward...I am considering going back to therapy but I'm also hoping that this may be related to being stuck in the house because of all the bad weather we've had here..I just don't know...but I do know I hate feeling this way...I just want to feel good about myself again.

Are you currently or have you previously been where I am?? Please I just need to know I'm not alone here.

    i have been where you are and am where you are... I had some bad postpartum which turned into severe depression. I currently take medication for my depression... it had really helped with feeling better... although I still have some days when I want to lay in bed with the shades drawn!
      So not alone!!!! And I don't know how deep it goes for you, but I know there are days where before I even open my eyes I think ugh. And I know what indeed to do to feel better but sometimes it is harder than that
      The weather can't help. Two 1 year olds can't help. Lol
      Do you have a baby group or moms group? Is there an indoor playground?
      Being stuck inside would drive me crazy.
      But I know if I have something planned and a routine every day then I feel better. Can u exercise?
      See someone if u can. There's no reason to feel this way. It's so hard as it is.
        Christine ... if you ever need to talk feel free to message me! I certainly have gone through what you are experiencing!
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        Hi! My name is Christine and I am a first time mom to 1 yr old twins Michael and Isabella.