So... I have childcare on the brain.. I will be working OUT of the house a few days a week.. a few hours.. (that's still my plan) so I am on the hunt for who, where, what, how much. I saw an old friend from HS doesn't live far, used to work IN childcare and has brought it home to watch kids in her home.. I sent her a message and we might get in touch - this gives me HOPE! The idea of finding someone I DON'T REMOTELY know.. freaks me out.. as do some generic day cares.. (no offense to people who use them.. I am sure they are wonderful, I am just weird!) ..anyways.. any advice? Price points I should look at or take into consideration?

Any advice would be appreciated! :)​

    Amanda Hurley
    I always used family and friends. I have heard too many horror stories about actual childcare. That is why we are broke and I still opt to be a stay at home mom.
      8Theresa Gould
      That's great you found an old HS friend who does home child care. Hope it works out. I, too, am weird as I don't do babysitters. ;) Can we be weird together? Ha! Feeling a little silly tonight.
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