Hi, I think I just deleted my first post. So here goes again. Great to join this crew of moms. I feel close you you all already. I blog about my experiences of being a mom. Below is a recent post:

My ten-year -old son son Lucas has difficulty with separation. For example, whenever my husband goes away overnight on business, he cries as if we were leaving for an entire month. Here's another example: whenever our family from New York comes to visit us (we live in Boston), he can be almost inconsolable when they leave.

We've always wanted Lucas to know that it is okay for him to feel upset. We would never want him to think that feeling angry is a bad thing, or that expressing feelings of any kind is bad. We have also tried teaching him that feeling contradicting feelings simultaneously—like being happy and sad—is not uncommon. We’ve shared these things with him often over the years, hoping that, someday, he would make them his own.

Well, the other evening Lucas really made us proud. We were scheduled to go away for the weekend without him, our first vacation without Lucas since he was born. His grandma and favorite aunt were driving up from New York the next day to take care of him. He and I were standing in the kitchen, when I saw his lips starting to quiver and tears forming in his eyes. I knew what was coming.

He gave out a wail and then said, “Mom, I just gotta let it out.” I told him that that was terrific. And he did. Then between sobs, he said, “It’s exciting and painful at the same time.” I was so happy. For a kid who is usually very black and white, at that moment he really understood life’s inconsistencies, and what alludes grown adults at times. It was one of those moments that, as a parent, I think I’ll never forget.

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    Hi and welcome, Gail!
    Looks like you'r great mom and really care about your kid.
    We have also tried teaching him that feeling contradicting feelings simultaneously—like being happy and sad—is not uncommon. - it's a golden words, I think moms should read your post and note this!
    As for me I've added it for favourites.
      Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for the welcome. And congrats!! on your new journey into motherhood. Believe me it feels like Lucas was just 4.5 months old yesterday. Love every minute of it. Now we are looking at a charter middle school...it just goes on and on. Part of me really misses those days. Every time i go by the Babies R Us, my heart aches a tiny bit. Of course it is wonderful to see Lucas becoming more himself, becoming his own person. there is nothig like that, as you will see. but enjoy, as much as you can. Even the sleepless nights, I you have them because they are so perfect now. Oh, I could go on and on, so I will stop now. Enjoy!!!
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