How are you snow moms REALLY doing??

So... There's a lot of moms talking about crafts all day.. And you all seem to be taking this whole snowed in thing pretty well.. Which makes ME feel like a brat because its a 3 day weekend and I know by Monday ill be a little crazy with no break from my kids.. Whom I ADORE btw.
Soooooo... Lets hear it. How's it really going??? Is it really another movie day or are you hittin the wine at lunch time.. Like I would be?
Is it awful??
I get stir crazy one day. One.
I just can't imagine.

    9Michelle Fritch
    I never get a break from the kids so I'm always finding things to do, I like to sew and knit things which keeps me busy too. Today won't be a snow day though, it's suppose to be 49 for the high, it's only about 27 right now but it's 11 in the morning yet too. The weather for the next week looks nice, I think we're finally out of that deep freeze.
      I don't think it's my kids that actually drive me crazy now that I think about it. They're pretty awesome and play well .. Even if they're with their dad for a weekend, I'm still not one to be able to stay inside all day.
      I feel like I have to get out and then I can come back and relax.
      So it's the combination of them and the mess and the dishes and movies and all that.
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