My husband

is planning on getting out of the military after his orders here in Nebraska. I am excited but also a little nervous, that means I need to get back into figuring out what I need to do with some schooling in just a little over a year.. His orders are up August 2015.. Our son is gonna be here in about 8 weeks or so.. We are both going to need to find jobs and good ones with insurance. Being in the military makes that aspect of life "easy" so I am scared to stray away from that and be on our own with finding good work and insurance... anyone ever been through this or something similar?

I am excited though, my son will still be young and we will be moving to Phoenix where my mom sister and dad are.. That's all I have dreamt about, having my family close so my son can grow up knowing them. . .

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      I wanted to do CNA to see if nursing sparked an interest before I just jumped into nursing. I don't think it was quite for me. I do know I want to do something in the medical field. Being a cna was hard work and takes a lot of dedication and strength physically and emotionally i worked it for about a year and was just burnt out. I got a little too attached to my residents! I would have loved doing it in a hospital though so I wouldn't get as attached to patients
        That's great! I love how many options there are medically and jobs all around the world for whatever it is you do :)

        I have never thought of dental hygiene, I have considered x-ray tech and EMT! So many options and I want to do them all. I have an open mind to just about anything so that is why I am just taking my time. I think I may just start with phlebotomy and see where that takes me. I have a blood disorder and have always been interested in learning about blood because of that. It inspired me to want to help people who have gone through what i have and just working/learning about blood
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