ok, moms, I need help. I went to the Doctor last week and had blood work done, and was told to come back in to discuss the results. However, it has been so bad here, I haven't been able to get there. My problem, and the reason I asked for blood work, is that I am exhausted. Literally. I could fall asleep now. I went to bed at midnight, after picking my daughter up from work, and woke up at 9. I woke up exhausted. I am losing my hair, by the handfuls. I do have depression, due to the situation that is ongoing with my husbands ex, but am on medication for it. But I am so tired, that I literally have to force myself to do the things that need done. :(

7Kimberly AcordGlen Fork, West Virginia
    7Kimberly Acord
    oh no...I can drive, The roads have just been too bad. I just can't figure out why I am so exhausted all of the time. It is weighing on me because I just feel too tired to be the person I need to be. I just wondered if anyone else had dealt with this issue, and what it was? I've heard Vitamine D deficiency, or my thyroid, I don't think I am anemic, because I had my iron checked recently to show my daughter it didn't hurt.
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