My Life

My life has turned around since I found out I was pregnant. I only have three more months till my baby boy is out in this world. My boyfriend and I are very excited for him to be here. I truly am blessed with the boyfriend I have because he is so supportive and keeps me thinking positive about everything. He has helped me out so much through my pregnancy and my horrible hormones. I couldn't be more blessed to be with him and have a baby boy with him. This is exactly what we wanted and it came true for the both of us.

    Linda, Thank you. I am very glad that i have this support as well.

    Stefany, Thank you so much. I am very blessed things are going so well.
      Thats awesome!!! I'm happy for you both :)
        Tessa, Thank you (:
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        16! expecting a baby boy (: am currently a stay at home girfriend. have a very good support system from my boyfriend. i make friends easy. and am easy to talk to(: