Its just one thing after the other around here!

You know those mid evil type movies with that over excited chap, who clumsily pulls his sword from its sheath in declaration that he's ready for business even though he has not a clue what that business is, only to loose the steadiness of his sword accidentally landing it on a fellow swordsman's helmet resulting in an embarrassing clang that he won't soon recover from? Yay for helmets right?!
Well, today Brynlee was the clumsy chap with a wild imagination wielding a 8" stainless steel knife shapener. And Bristol was the poor fellow swordsman, an obvious bystander. Who unfortunately wasn't wearing a helmet. Many tears and apologies then came.
And so I repeat the words the Studsband prayed last night
"Lord, I pray that our children wont kill each other before they're grown."
THEN right after, Bristol sat excitedly onto the Bentley laying below....Setting him into a fit of tears as well. Funny thing is, I still wouldn't trade this lifestyle for anything.

Amber BradleyRedding, California
    5Jane Kirk
    That is great story and prayer ;-)
    Amber Bradley
    Thanks, it is usually proclaimed many times a day!!
      Oh my, glad they're okay though.
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