Vaccinations....your thoughts???

The topic of vaccinations is always such a touchy subject between me, my husband and both of our mothers (both are nurses). Up to this point we have discussed the recommended vaccinations with the pediatrician and have chosen to have the twins vaccinated as per the suggested schedule...but I have no other experience to refer to all of my friends have had all of their kids vaccinated with out questioning it....but I feel like I should have a better understanding of why so many feel it is unnecessary or even dangerous...again I know this topic can ignite some very powerful feelings and opinions....I am just looking to hear other views pro/con on the topic from other mothers.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    I'm not against vaccines myself but I thinks it's a little bit of the "if it's not broken, don't fix it" philosophy. Like if the kid's healthy don't mess with them.

    I know people worry about reactions because vaccines are made with dormant samples of the actual virus. But this has been widely shown to be an incredibay small risk by the scientific community. There also can be allergic reactions depending on what the vaccine was made with (eg. Eggs). But if allergies aren't an issue in your family I don't think you have to worry to much.

    I've also heard that people don't like them because they may by be as effective at preventin disease as everyone thinks. There are failure rates for everything. My thought is that it's better then nothing, and I'll still use good hygiene as a preventative measure anyway.
    Oh! And people want kids to develop antibodies to disease naturally if they have to. This doesn't make sense to me at all - I mean if vaccines are dangerous because they contain small dormant viruses, how is it better to let them get the full blown disease in order to build antibodies? Not to mention it's not that easy to build these antibodies. That's why these diseases killed so many people...
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        I am very pro vaccinations. Personally, I feel that because we see many of these diseases so rarely people don't realize the risks of the actual disease. Vaccinations are not without risks but the risks are very low compared to the risks of the disease. All of the exact risks of the disease and vaccination are on I personally find the cdc's website to be easy to follow and very informative.

        The other thing that our pediatrician told us is that a child is exposed to more in you home in a daily basis than they are in the four vaccines they receive at a time.
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